Sunday, March 25, 2007

BEFORE picture's ~ kitchen redo

I thought I'd share my kitchen redo with you.I've been SO excited about it! When I started packing everything however ~ I started remembering all of my kid's childhood memories in this kitchen. It has turned into a bitter sweet process. As I look at these picture's ~ you can't really see the flaw's (broken drawer's and peeling Formica etc.) ~ I feel a little heart sick! If you are planning a new kitchen ~ I would recommend Omega Brand cabinets. They are solid wood and the same price point as Lowe's and Home Depot's mid-grade . When they started building our cabinets ~ they sent me a door from the exact paint they were using on our cabinets. I was able to bring the door with me to choose counter top's. Tomorrow the real work begins! I'll keep you posted on the progress!

1 comment:

corina said...

I wish you success, I have to do this also some day:)

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