Friday, March 16, 2007

Fun afternoon in New York City

This Tuesday I threw caution to the wind ~ and all I needed to get done ~ and hopped on the train to NY for a wonderful afternoon by myself! I had a salad at Bryant Park when I got off the train. The bulb's were already 3 or 4 inches high ~ it was a warm lovely day! Then to 38th street and heavenly Tinsel Trading. This store just get's under my skin. It hug's you when you walk in and you can feel the history everywhere. Go to the web site and read the story behind this wonderful place I walked the long way back to the train ~ to Times Square then up 5th ave to Rockefeller Center to see the ice skater's skating on puddles of water! Then down Madison Ave to Grand Central ~ eating a yummy hot dog from one of the vendor's as I walked.I'm sure I had ketchup all over my face ~ the only danger of eating a hot dog alone ~ you never know unless you get a good reflection of yourself in one of the window's!I slid into my seat on the train headed home at 4pm and was home by 5:45. I don't even think the dog's missed me! A funny side note ~ the cop's in NYC are SO good looking and full of character!!!! I was trying to find a working bathroom in Grand Central as many are closed for renovation. I asked a cop standing there if he knew where one was. He responded in his loud New York accent ~ what do I know ~ I'm from Brooklyn!!!

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pat winter said...

I certainly enjoyed "our" shopping trip! I still can't believe the treasures. What a fun day for you to refresh your creative spirit. I hope to find some vintage trims for you today at Lemon Creek,MI. Fingers crossed.

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