Saturday, March 17, 2007

My Sewing Room

I had NO budget for this room so it had to be done with great imagination! I started by getting a table that filled the long wall। K-mart had the white shoe holder's on sale that work perfect for fat quarter's and this and that. I ran curtain's attached to hook's on that wire curtain stuff Ikea has under the table so the curtain's can be opened or shut. Behind the curtain are plastic drawer's that hold my bead's, scrap booking ,ribbon and sewing supplies. I can pull the drawer's out and place them on the counter for easy access.The sewing table with my machine was on clearance at Walmart for I believe about $40.00.(if you double-click on this pic you will see Teddi sleeping under my machine!) Under it I store my serger. I do my crazy quilting on the left side of the machine so I can look out the window ~ a must for me during the day! The room faces west so the sunshine pour's in during the day! The magazine rack is the best buy I have gotten is a long while!!!! It was in the basement of a furniture store ~ not even for sale ~ but I got it for $20.00!!!!! It is SO sturdy and now I use my magazine's all the time for reference! The 2 ott light's are a must for me ~ I can't sew or bead without them!There is a big comfy pillow and toy's on the floor for my precious Teddi! Jake our Brittney can be found sleeping on my bed when I am working up here! The closet looks messy but I reorganize it ALL the time! It holds fabric's, fiberfill and big stuff! The dresser with the tv was my daughter's. Each drawer is devoted to something different ~ crazy quilting ,pattern's,stabilizer etc.If I am not outside ~ this is where I can be found! It is one of my happiest place's to be ! (and I must add ~ a dream come true!!!) ~


Melissa said...

Wow you have a great sewing room! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

pat winter said...

Terri!!!! I love your studio!!! I am so happy to see someone have a dangling electrical outlet bar and a filled closet. My house is old and my studio is a spare bedroom that only had one outlet. I had to run the shop light cords across the ceiling and down the wall to where my "hanging outlet" is. It may not be attractive, but very functional so who cares! My closet is packed and ready to move. I can't imagine what all is in there but I have no time to find out :-)I want to come play!

Lin Moon said...

I sure enjoyed seeing the pix of your room - it is a charming, lovely, be-ribboned and creative space! I like the lace curtains too. Great way to store all those ribbon rolls.