Saturday, March 31, 2007

The UPSIDE of a kitchen redo ~ keeping the fridge in the living room!

. ....and the dog food and water! The living room has really become the room we live in ~ and the only place to sit besides the bathroom! It contains all the odds and end's we didn't pack away and a whole bunch of dust! I am trying to stay on the bright side 'cause folk's this was the week from hell! My contractor came Monday morning ~ Monday afternoon I got a fever and chill's that stayed with me until today! (Sat.) We encountered a little bit of everything that could go wrong including almost getting shut down because we didn't get a permit. Me getting a driving ticket on my way to getting the permit. Some of the cabinets we ordered had problems ~ setting us back several weeks. Not to mention a dwindling budget and lots more to purchase ~ like floor's and important stuff like that! I am going to be honest with you about the ups and downs of this project because I know in the end ~ it will all be worth it!

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