Friday, May 11, 2007

Spring has finally Sprung in my garden in Ct.

My yard in finally in bloom. This is my favorite place to work out my frustrations, feel my greatest joy, and pretend to see fairy's lounging on flower petals! Sometimes I pretend I live on a country estate ~ until I I catch a view of our local Friendly restaurant on the busy street behind my yard! (look just to the right of my bird bath) The busy street I speak of is called Rubber Avenue ~ so named because Naugatuck was the home of Charles Goodyear. At one time the rubber factory's dominated our town. Soon a wonderful redevelopment plan will break ground. Where those factory's once stood will be upscale shopping, movie theater, a green way along the Naugatuck River and a state of the art energy plant that will provide power to the project. The developer Mr. Conroy recently completed Providence Place in Providence ,R.I. I can't wait !!!!

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Pat Winter said...

How lovely! I think it would be easy to get lost in here. Flowers seem to calm and transform us into our own world no matter where we are. I have a privacy fence and two rows of evergreens separating my garden from a neighbor and when I am in the garden, I rarely remember I have a neighbor. I get lost in my work and the beauty of it all. To think I planted every little thing in there is unreal. Keep enjoying your serenity. I'd love to be having tea there with you.

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