Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Lost Childhood Friends ~ Found!

I had the most amazing moment this week-end. I was in the area of the neighborhood I grew up in and decided to drive by my old home.It was late on a Sunday night and very dark! I somehow managed to find my old street in spite of 25 yrs of time gone by and old landmarks gone as well! There was my friend Eddy standing in front of his home ~ just where I left him! We were both in a delightful state of shock! Then who comes driving down the road but one of my best friends of long ago Joe! Eddy jumped in my convertible and we drove to Joe's home to greet him in the drive way! It was a dream like moment!!! Both of these dear friends are as different as night and day. One crazy and light hearted ~ the other disciplined and calculated. Both of them walked beside me through tearful moments and joyful ones as well. We went through the awkward years of the early teens together. Along with the other neighborhood kid's ~ we were family. As I looked in the eyes of these two dear faces of long ago ~ I saw the kindness and deep down goodness of them both.I realized as I drove back to my hotel room that night what a lucky girl I was to have known them at such a fragile time in my life.I love you both with all my heart ~ we will NOT lose touch again! Karen ~ I'm coming to find you next!!!!

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Pat Winter said...

Oh Terri how wonderful for you to have met up with the "gang", or at least part of them. I loved hearing about it. Thanks for sharing.

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