Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A Summer of Blessing

This May ~ I unexpectedly went back to work for the first time since I was 6 months pregnant with my twin girls ~ almost 25 yrs ago! It was the most wonderful opportunity but also came at a time I was incredibly burnt out! I sent a simple prayer up to the Lord to give me strength and let me find chances to regain my strength. My ~ how He answered my prayer this summer! I had so many "on the fly" mini get aways ~ a day here and a day there. A wonderful cruise around New York Harbor ( a freebie), sailing with a dear friend, Amish country, Annapolis , Maryland at a luxurious hotel for $39.00 a night (thanks my dear Jaci for the hook-up!), A chance meeting with childhood friends, A visit to "The View" set, several trips to New York City, VIP seats to see my mentor Paula White at The Hammerstein Theater in N.Y.C., Bob Dylan in concert ~ a treat from more dear friends, and just last Thursday Frank and I went to see "The Drowsy Chaperon" on Broadway ~ free tickets from "The View." God has proven to me what I have always known ~ that He really cares about the little things. His protection and tender loving care runs far and wide. I felt he took my hand tenderly in His as I started this new phase in my life this May ~ and walked with me ~ leading me to wonderful places of rest along the way.

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corina said...

Life is like a box with chocolates! I am really happy for you!

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