Sunday, November 4, 2007

My Endless Hug From Pat

Just look at the beautiful treasure's that landed on my doorstep this week. Never has a simple etsy purchase made me feel so special and loved. Most anyone who has stumbled onto my blog has been to Pat Winter's first. She is the angel of blog land in my eye's and has done so much to promote kindness and goodwill. Her work is a treasure to behold and the love weaved through her work is felt by the receiver of it. Thank you dear friend for making my heart skip a beat and for the endless hug I will feel wearing your work's of art!

1 comment:

Pat Winter said...

Oh that Pat Winter is just crazy,haven't you heard? ;-)

These things had your name written all over them. I really am touched that you love them. I know it is fun to get surprises.Giving them is even more fun. Someone who lives in CT named Terri just sent me a huge package not too long ago............I still haven't recovered.

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