Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving Eve

I am waiting for my daughter Jaci and her boyfriend Oliver to arrive here from the airport! I can't sit still so am giving you a tour of what's happening at my house on this Thanksgiving Eve. Frank, Ashley and the dogs are sound asleep ( it is after midnight.) I have my list ready for tomorrow morning and glasses handy! Turkey cookies are ready for there place at each place setting. I found Coke in vintage looking glass bottles and just had to have them.My fridge is "stuffed" with 2 turkeys and all the trimmings ~ including 2 pounds of shrimp which I snuck into when no one was looking! Freezer is full too~ anyone care for a Bubba Burgar? I have had the worst luck taking a good picture of all my Christmas trees so instead I took views from different areas as I walked through the house.One of the pictures is really just the reflection in my mirror~ can you guess which one?


Pat Winter said...

Happy Thanksgiving Sweet Pea. Hopefully you finally got some sleep.
Your home looks absolutely cozy and beautiful. I just bought those new Coke 6 packs for my mom. I thought the bottle shape was neat, but I miss the original. You know how I resist change,LOL. I couldn't tell which photo was a reflection,I will have to check again. Have a blessed day!

Maggie R said...

Hi Terri.
I just popped in to thank you for sharing your recipe for cranberry bread. Got it from Pat's blog.
I had a look at your pictures and I must say your home is done beautifully. So pretty just like you.....:0)
Thanks for the visit.

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