Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas 2007

Just thought I'd share some Christmas moment's at the Takacs House .........
Making my yummy rum cake is a tradition each year since I was a new bride. I must admit at getting a little "happy" whenever I give in and eat some batter.
When everyone is in bed on Christmas Eve ~ I play Santa. The house is quiet except for the Christmas music in the background. I take pictures and remember each Christmas Eve before.Our dear Friend Jay has brought over a platter of cookies every Christmas Eve ~ made by his beautiful wife Lisa ~ for 19 years. He always comes close to midnight after his family festivities and just stays long enough for a quick Hello! One year ~ we were in Disney for Christmas and when we walked in our room Christmas night ~ a box of Lisa's cookies were sitting on the table via next day parcel post. We all cryed!
I love the big pile of paper in the middle of the floor when the opening is done! One year my husband tried to clean up as the kids opened there gifts and it just wasn't the same! This was my son's beagle Daisy's first Christmas and she was afraid to walk on it!
That is my sister-in-law Betty and Brenda at Christmas Dinner.My daughter Jaci looking into the camera.It was a Very Merry Christmas :)

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