Sunday, December 9, 2007

Historic Woodbury, Ct.

This is my beloved Woodbury, Ct. It would be my dream to one day live here on Main Street and have a shop filled with all the thing's I love.Just a 15 minute ride down the road ~ I come here to shop for my organic foods at New Morning and enjoy all the wonderful restaurants. It is know as the Antique Capital of the World and is a wonderful mix of middle class,wealthy and farmer's. It is also home of Woodbury Pewter and some of the friendliest people in all the world! The blue house is part of the Glebe House The garden next to it was the original design of Gertrude Jekyll.Marilyn Monroe lived here when she was married to Arthur Miller and sat at the local drug store lunch counter everyday.On the first Saturday of December ~ the whole town has a Christmas Festival. All the churches have different offerings ~ what a great source for vintage items at a steal and handcrafted and hand baked goods.They offer tours of the historic buildings while up the road 20 minutes in Bethlehem , Ct. they have an outdoor Christmas Festival with wonderful food, crafts,horse & buggy rides and even an opportunity to mail your Christmas cards from the post office so they will be post marked Bethlehem, Ct!

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Maggie R said...

Well Terri, I really enjoyed my tour through you part of the country & seeing some of the lovely spots and reading about them...
The buildings are beautiful. Lucky you to be living in this community...
Thanks for the journey,