Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Safe Haven Womans Shelter ~ Great Oaks From Little Acorns Grow

I remember one day when I was little ~ my Mom reached down and placed this charm in my hand. She explained that "from little acorns ~ great oak trees grow." I have applied this thought to many areas in my life and it is what came to mind when this project was born.
My friend Pat Winter http://gatherings100.blogspot.com/ had a "tiny acorn of an idea" to send "Comfort Dolls" http://www.comfortdolls.blogspot.com/ to battered woman's shelters. Myself and so very many others jumped aboard and it is quickly growing to "great oak tree status" reaching worldwide in a fairly short period of time. I noticed one of the shelters she sent to was just one town over in Waterbury, Ct. I work in the Mayors office in Naugatuck and he encouraged me to put out a call in our Naugautck Town Hall and take a collection for our local shelter ~ Safe Haven in Waterbury. The folks I work with generously donated cases of TP, paper towels , diapers, food and personal items, and new clothing. I embroidered "YOU ARE LOVED" on enough blankets so that if they are at maximum capacity ~ each woman will receive a blanket with warm, cozy socks attached.

I thank you all from the very depths of my heart for letting the Lord use your beautiful hands as a vessel to reach these woman He loves so dearly. These shelters are often the last hope for many woman, mothers and their children who are suffering from abuse. There is nothing more hopeful or more powerful ~ than woman lifting up woman. Be FILLED with all the Love that you have shared with others. Pat may your Oak Tree grow Mightier with each passing day. Always remember ~ beautiful ones ~ that YOU ARE LOVED.


Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

What a wonderful post. Yes! Everyone needs to reach out and help those in need. Even in small ways. Everyone can do something. Thank you for the reminder!

Pat Winter said...

What your mom said to you gave me chills. How sweet. You are doing such greatness with your donations. I know how big your heart is for I have seen it on several occasions. The embroidery on the blankest are perfect and will mean the world to the recipient. You set such an excellent example for us. Thanks for being you my friend.

Anonymous said...

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Once Upon a Cottage said...

Congratulations Terri! You have won a gift from Creative Call Studios for your participation in the Happy Birthday Jesus Party! To receive your gift, please e-mail me you address to onceuponacottage@yahoo.com.

the feathered nest said...

Lovely post and wonderful reminder!


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