Friday, December 14, 2007

Some Christmas Scenes from Around Our Home

I've had a terrible time getting good pictures of my Christmas tree's to share with you. Here are a few I was able to capture ~ though in person they are more lovely!

I can't bear to hide my vintage ornaments just on the tree so hang many of them from the chandelier. The stocking is my first one and can picture it hanging on the back of our front door in my childhood home. I can touch it and remember almost every Christmas past and still feel the tangerine that was always placed at the bottom by "Santy Clause"
Our "live" Christmas Tree has taken up a good part of out living room but I say the more trees ~ the merrier!
The tree with the big gingerbread men is the one in my kitchen. Our big red elf has held all the candy canes in the kitchen hostage!
The Victorian Tree is one of two in our dining room ~ the other one is just behind the dining room table.
Our home has a bad case of 'Christmas Clutter" but to me ~ it feels warm and welcoming.
Wishing you a wonderful afternoon!

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