Thursday, February 28, 2008

Come Meet My Garden Friend's

Would you like to meet my garden friends? We all share wondrous moments together.

There is my sweet angel that sits in place of a window box.She has a bit of a shiver ~ all covered in ice.

The Jackson No. 5 Garden wheel barrel is a treasure. I can't bear to put it away each winter ~ it looks so pretty with white lights and evergreen at Christmas. I do put a coat of poly on it each year to preserve the awesome green patina.

Then there is the hammock I take one or two naps in it a season. Usually when I sit there ~ I notice something that needs to be weeded and jump right up again.

My sweet Teddi is more like his nickname ~ RatDog. He is tough as they come and I have seen him eat things ~ well lets just say I've had to wait a few days to kiss him afterwards.

Jake ~ our Brittney ~ just spends the day barking at cats. He has the dearest spirit.

I'm waiting patiently for the Big Oak Tree to offer shade from the sun. Here in Ct ~ the leaves on the oaks don't really open fully till around Mothers Day.

There is my dear Ashley Angel, old vintage watering can we took from someones garbage, my sweet birdbath angel who is holding her head down to keep warm,the dog that stands guard on my deck and keeps Pansy's happily growing all season and lastly ~ the bird house (looking from the back) that seems to have been home to every kind of creature these last few years.

We are still snow covered here but in just 22 days~ IT WILL BE SPRING!!!!!

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