Friday, February 22, 2008

How many times do I have to tell Victoria Magazine not to copy my ideas? Don't you love when you see something you already have in one of your fav magazines!

This beautiful statue is on page 59 of the March /April issue. I am sure it is made of the finest materials and has a patina aged with decades of seasons gone by. I doubt however that it could mean more to it's owners than mine means to me!

Mine was purchased at TJ MAXX about 8 years ago with a $20.00 bill that one of my daughters friends gave to me for my birthday. He had just started working and it touched me so deeply.I can't tell you the joy it has given me ~ I also place fallen flower petals on the book ~ just as they have in the Victoria magazine photo. Hurry Spring!!!


Niesz Vintage Home said...

Don't you just love TJMaxx?!
Sweet story and cute little statue.

Love the picture of the dogs waiting for their bowl of soup. LOL

Kimberly :)

Maggie R said...

Hi Terri,
Your blog is always so much fun to visit. I love your music too.Celine is one of my most faves. The garden statue is adorable...I'm with you "Hurry Spring" Our weather forecast says 5 more inches of snow to add to what we already have...Yuck!
You were mentioning your Tomato soup... Sounded so good. I made a vegetable soup yesterday and it was the best ever. It called for a bit of curry and dry dill weed which was very different than my usual recipe.I will definitely make it again, I am a real soup lover...
Well I better go.... my eyes are like slits to-night :-}
No good reason(haha) except I was making some beaded art doll pins while I watch the academy awards. Too much beading at one time I guess and my new lens from my cataract surgery was crying "Help" I guess!!!
So I am off to my cosy nest.
Take care

Pat Winter said...

Terri, Your statue is so sweet. Too bad they copied ((((g)))) but did you see them post a photo of my house and garden on page 51 & 52? This was done without my permission as well. Some people! :-}

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