Sunday, February 3, 2008

Needle Case

This fun, funky needle case was inspired by Kumiko Sudo's book "Kokoro no Te." It is a colorful book full of small projects using felt and fun fabrics.

I cut 7 pieces of felt and 2 pieces of fabric in the same shape. I added a layer of felt under my cover fabric and embellished with beads and metallic threads. Then I hand stitched a second piece of felt behind the first to cover my stitches. Do the same to the back cover and sandwhich your remaining 3 pieces of felt between the front and back cover. Handstitch together at the top ~ about 1 1/2 inches down on each side. It makes the cutest needle case. I added beaded felt balls that can be used as mini pin cushions. (excuse the paint all over my nails ~ i've been painting for 2 days)

1 comment:

Pat Winter said...

Hi!!! I almost bought that book at Joanns. I knew it was something I shouldn't have passed on. I'll have to march back over there with my 40% off coupon this week. Beautiful! I have found a new interest in funky fabrics and fun projects lately...perhaps I am in the mood for Spring???

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