Sunday, February 3, 2008

Some Wonderful Books To Check Out!

LOOK who just wrote a book!!! "Pat Winter Gatherings ~ My Crazy Quilting Journey" is Pat's first but more are in the works. This one is self published and can be obtained by going to Blurb and type in PAT WINTER GATHERINGS. Congratulations Pat!!!!
Below are some other books I have recently purchases ~ all through ~ which has the best service! "Waverly Honor" is an amazing 223 pages of nothing but embroidery designs and another 10 or so pages of instruction. It was published in 1989. If you enjoy embroidery ~ you will LOVE this book!

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Pat Winter said...

Oh wow! What a surprise to scroll down and see my book. I first saw purple and got excited then I realized it was my book. :-) It is too bad you can only put so much into an 80 page book. I can't wait to get the second in the works which will be filled with projects.All new eye candy.

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