Friday, February 22, 2008

Special Friend

This is my friend Lisa (on the left) at a wonderful get together her and Jay give each year. We became friends about 20 years ago. Our girls attended the same kindergarten. Each day we would stand outside waiting to pick up our girls ~ both a little shy and intimidated by some of the other more boisterous Mom's.

I was also ready to "pop" with my 4th child.
The day after Ashley was born ~ Lisa gave my twin daughters coloring books and little gifts to celebrate having a new baby sister. I have loved her ever since!
We have shared many of life's joys and disappointments together but can easily go close to a year without seeing each other ~ although we live less than a mile away. There is a quiet knowing that if ever one needs the other ~ we will be there : )

note to self ~ 4 or more French Martini's will make your eye's look like slits :)

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