Saturday, March 8, 2008

Great New Book

Yippee Leslie !!! I was SO proud to see my friend and the person who introduced me to crazy quilting ~ mentioned on page 96 in Cindy Brick's new book "Crazy Quilts." Leslie Levinson was noted as "one of the teachers and artist who contributed to the modern art of crazy quilting...."
Christmas 2000 ~ my Mom gave me a Judith Baker Montano book. I knew when I layed eyes on this book that I would not be complete until I could one day learn this art. The following fall ~ Leslie was offering a class at our local high school. At the first class ~ I realized the magnitude of her talent. She is a layed back , easing going teacher and gave us all the confidence that we could do it! She shared wonderful story's of her years in New York City and wisdom from other "greats" that she has befriended through the years. We were wowed by her truck show and her various themed crazy quilts. She introduced us to "Quilting Arts Magazine" just a few issues old at the time ~ and was one of the writers. Each month she "Demystified" an embroidery stitch. (let me add I miss the magazines dedication to crazy quilting that prevailed in the early issues)
I count Leslie as one of the people who changed my life. Learning to crazy quilt set my life in a new direction. I don't have the time I'd like to devote to it now but no matter when life leads ~ there will always be a place carved out for this art.
Not every teacher has this effect on her students ~ Leslie in her unassuming way ~ does.
Thanks Leslie :)

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Cindy Brick said...

Thank you so much for mentioning my new book, Crazy Quilts! I just came on your post today...and was so pleased. Thank you.
I first met Leslie at a Crazy Quilt Society conference -- she and I were roommates while we were both teaching. At that time, she was deep in her 'mermaid phase,'and was doing some fascinating biker-type work, too. (We had done a summer on the motorcycle not too many years before, and I was fascinated.) I think Leslie had a strong impact, especially on the whole 'ocean' trend that hit Crazy quilting in past decades, but also on her innovative use of embellishments. She's great!
Best to you,

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