Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Old Fashioned Sugar Eggs

Aren't these wonderful! I just returned from a class given by the talented Ms Doherty at Naugatuck High School.

These are the beautiful eggs we made. Would you believe the first one was made by a high school age boy! He is training to be a chef~ I'd say he is well on his way! Here's how you can make these too! It's easy! We used the egg molds from the Wilton Panoramic Egg Kit ~ the 5" egg mold.

Sugar Mold Recipe

4 1/2 cups sugar
3 Tablespoons water ~ colored with Wilton Liquid icing color (tip:make water color a few shades darker than you want the egg to be)

Mix sugar and water well. Press firmly in egg mold.Turn mold upside down on to a cookie sheet ~ allowing egg to slide out of mold on to sheet. Bake in oven at 200* for 20 minutes. Allow to cool thoroughly ~ about 20 minutes.

Hold Egg half in palm of hand and gently begin scraping out the center. Leave about a 1/4 inch thick shell. Allow to dry overnight and then use a dremel like tool to create large opening. (see top photo)

Royal Icing

3 tablespoons just whites or meringue powder
6 Tablespoons warm water
1 pound (1 box) of confectioners sugar

to tint icing ~ use Wilton liquid icing color

Beat together for 6-7 minutes
(be sure to cover icing with damp cloth as it will begin to harden right away)

Put your icing in a pastry bag and generously fill egg half. Begin decorating with handmade or store bought chocolate and candy decor. Your icing is your glue. Add a ring of icing around your egg half and attach to opened side. Add another large mound of icing to cardboard circle and "glue " your egg to base. Continue to decorate with royal icing ~ making several different colors if desired. Use coconut colored with green dye as grass.

I would suggest you goggle "sugar eggs" to get more recipes and ideas.
Here is one site I found ~ http://www.thriftyfun.com/tf334674.tip.html


Judy Morphis said...

What wonderful memories these evoke. The class would have been so fun. Thanks for sharing. They are precious.

Judy S. said...

Your egg turned out just great....and they last forever, at least ours has. Hope you're feeling better now.

Star@MyBigMouth said...

Your egg is fabulous!
I use to love those things as a kid.I will definately have to try my hand at them.Thanks for sharing!

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Lori said...

Your eggs are just great! They look so sweet and yummy!
I, too, love CQ and live in Connecticut. I checked out all your site and your pics are great!
Looking forward to seeing more CQ.

Lucy said...

Oh I just love those! I always wanted one when I was little. My big sisters got to make them with their Youth leader one year and I was so wishing I was big then to do it with them. Then we moved and I never did get to. They are so fun and remind me of the fun Easter things I did when I was little. Thanks!

disa said...

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