Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Sweet Side of Being Sick

It is day 6 of being sick ! It has come in waves ~ chills, fever, chest pain.
I have managed to have a 49th birthday, go to work, and spend 4 glorious hours of working in the yard and have lunch out with my husband. The rest of the time ~ this has been me ( except I am wearing warm Victoria Secret flannels and matching slippers with my sweet Yorkie Teddi cuddled at my side ) All week-end I have carried from bed upstairs to cozy chair downstairs the following ~ a crazy quilt square to work on, the new Cindy Brick book, another written by Zig Ziggler, a new Country Living that just arrived, a water bottle with Vit. C mixed in, and a blanket. Haven't read but a few words or stitched a stitch ~ just looked at pictures and day dreamed.
I have dreamed about my garden this year, changes I will make to my little pond, how I will lose 10 pounds, new projects I want to work on, life changes I'm ready to make, noticed how God is blessing my kids extra special this new year. Frank made me Chicken Noodle Soup ( from the can) but poured eggs whites in the boiling soup ~ it was SO yummy!
I think I will give in to laziness for the rest of the day and just enjoy my runny nose for all it's worth. All said and done ~ there is a sweet and nurturing side to being sick.

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Pat Winter said...

Terri, So sorry to hear you have been sick. I do hope you are better soon. So many have the flu around here. I have dodged it so far.
Keep getting pampered and drink your tea.Dream of Spring and your sweet garden. Hugs to you.