Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day To My Mom :)

Happy Mother's Day Mom!
I still filled the house with Lilac's and Pansy's for you ~ even though you couldn't come to visit this year!
It has that sweet familiar smell that reminds me of you. This was the first year I was able to pick them from my own yard instead of driving to all kinds of strange locations to "borrow a few blooms." I was reminded of the year I got so excited about a lilac bush on the side of the road ~ I forgot to put the car in park when I jumped out of the car ~ it rolled back and smashed into the car parked across the street!
Any amount of effort was worth your delight when you walked in the house from your long flight to the sweet smell of Lilacs everywhere!
I am missing you this week Mom ~ next year we will make up for it!


Pat Winter said...

I'm sorry you couldn't be with your mom,but your home must have smelled heavenly! I too picked bouquets and sprinkled them around the house. There is nothing comparable to lilacs in the home after a long Winter.

corina said...

This is my favorite flower, we call it "liliac" in romanian. I love your photos.

Anonymous said...

I miss you too, my sweet girl. I sprinkled some Lilac fragrance that we bought during a past Mother's Day visit and spashed it on me and over my bed - so that day and night I would be smothered in memories of our Mother's Day week. I'm so blessed to be your mother. Next year we'll enjoy our lilacs together.

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