Friday, May 16, 2008

My precious son Franky gathered this beautiful beach glass for me the other day. He was working at a home on the Long Island sound ~ located on a large piece of private beach front.
Beach glass has always been as exciting to me as I guess diamonds are to most girls. It is the purest form of nature taking something not so nice (litter) and turning into a thing of beauty. I am fascinated by it.
When I began blogging and "met" Pat Winter ( ~ I was reminded of this love of mine through her blog. She makes frequent visits to the beach with her Mom ~ and often gets a loving "wink" from her Dad by way of the blue beach glass that she finds.
As I studied each piece ~ I couldn't get Pat off my mind. Suddenly ~ what did I see but the name PAT clear as day ~ across one of the pearly white beauty's! Do you see it in the middle photo!?!
....... These are the moments that make life so rich. Beautiful sea glass hand picked by my son ~ the name of someone so dear to me randomly etched in it.

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Pat Winter said...

What a sweet son,and how awesome to see my name on a piece of glass. It makes me smile to see someone else treasures sea glass as I do.
The flowers from Jaci are so beautiful.What wonderful children you have raised! Hugs to you :-).

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