Sunday, August 17, 2008

Guy Wolfe Pottery

Are you familiar with Guy Wolfe Pottery?
Martha Stewart seems to be the one to have discovered him many years ago in his Litchfield

County, Ct studio. When mom came to visit one year ~ we took a drive to his studio to see what all the fuss was about.
There he was ~ creating a piece as we watched in amazement.
He was friendly and transparent but had that edginess to him many artist possess mid -creation. As we I tried to drink in every morsel of his studio ~ there on his bench was a large order from her Her Honor Herself ~ Martha!
He later told us he had a huge order to fill from her as well as his thoughts on selling the rights to his name. He had so many orders from all over the world ~ he was struggling to keep up. (It appears many years later ~ he has indead sold the rights to his name and the new stuff you find is not made by his creative hands ~ sigh.)
He followed us out as we carried our BOXES of purchases to the car. As I turned to take one more look before we drove away ~ I watched him jump on an old wooden swing hanging in the front of his studio and start to swing as high as he could! I bet he was trying to touch the sky with his feet!
I've wanted my own swing ever since!

This is the real deal ~ a piece my Mom bought for me from Guy's studio many years ago.

This is the reproduction stuff your likely to find today.

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Emme said...

Looking at this brought back so many memories. I remember it as if it were yesterday - the thrill we both felt at "discovering" a fresh new talent - and then taking a few pieces of his art home with us. I still have my pots also and am careful to bring them in during the winter and in the spring only plant the most beautiful flowers in it - beautiful like my "little girl."

Love you, sweet precious girl.

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