Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Mayors Car Show

One of the fun things about working for the Mayor is you get to wear a STAFF shirt at our annual Car Show!
Look at the way my dogs Teddi and Jake are looking at me ~ they just crack me up! Daisy ~ my sons beagle ~ seems to be chuckling at how silly it is for Pappy to be taking a picture of his Nannies backside! (that's what Daisys "calls" us )
I didn't get too many pics as we were so busy with almost 200 cars and over 1000 people in attendance! A GREAT turn out for our small town.
The last photo is the winner of the trophy donated by "Franks Heating and AC" ~ my husbands business.
It is an AWESOME Javelin owned by Victor & Barbara Nave. CONGRATULATION'S!!!!

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