Sunday, August 17, 2008

Take A Stroll With Me Through My Garden

This Glorious Sunflower has finally bloomed! The bees are enjoying as much as me!

This is my side yard. We have been working on the retaining wall here all summer. Finally the grass is coming up!

Oh dear! My angel has just hung you a moon!

I wish you could hear the relaxing sound of my pond babbling. I feel blessed and loved by God when I sit here. This little pond feels like such a gift from Him.

I have less than a half an acre but have managed to cram lot's of Secret Gardens EVERYWHERE!

"Our Special Chairs"
One for Frank and one for me ~ these were our retreat when the kid's were younger. We'd come here with our coffee and tea and make big decisions out of earshot of our kids. He bought these for me one year with his Christmas bonus. It breaks my heart ~ they are rotted beyond repair and I fear this is the last year they will sit there.

I always think of Pat Winter when I sit on my wooden swing. I'm not sure why but they are nice thoughts! This is where I run when a new book comes in the mail I have ordered or where I rock Teddi if I can catch him. Being rocked is way to "girly girl" for him. Kinda the same way he feels when I put a pink t-shirt on him that says DIVA : )

That is my Jaci statue hiding under the hydrangea. Frank bought me a statue of each one of my kids many years ago. The heads of Franky and Cheri have fallen off ~ YIKES ~ and the angel that is supposed to be Ashley ~ well let's just say it may be a case of mistaken identity ~ he!he!

Lots of different layers and textures in a garden creates excitement around every corner!

If I was a Garden Fairy ~ the purple spikes would be my Home.

Everytime I see a Butterfly ~ it's like I 've seen one for the first time!

AWWWWW ~ a refreshing glass of home brewed Ice Tea in a frosted mug.

Thanks for joining me for a walk in my garden! Come back SOON!

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