Thursday, August 21, 2008

What Has Been Sitting By My Bedstand This Summer ~ Book's In Review

This is the book I am currently reading. I was intrigued by a recent interview I heard on this book and noticed it had been on the New York Times best sellers list for some time. I started reading it last night and got a third way through. I hope to finish it at the beach tomorrow.
It takes you out of "the box" we so often experience God through. You know ~ the one that says our Dear Jesus is a most assuredly a white man confined within the walls of a church experience.It's all about relationship friends ~ one that is free and open to all and most certainly not dependant on 4 walls. This is a story about a real man with real feelings, anger and not able to trust God ~ and how God comes to find him.
Note (8-28-08) ~ I finished this book and let me say ~ it was something. It's one of those books that really "bring it on home " at the last 2 chapters. I am a BIG believer in relationship with God verses the idea of needing to go through another source to reach Him. Here is a quote from the book I love ~ words that Mack felt the Lord was saying to him.
"Religion must use law to empower itself and control the people who they need in order to survive. I (Jesus) give you an ability to respond and your response is to be free to love and serve in every situation, and therefore each moment is different and unique and wonderful.
Because I am your ability to respond, I have to be present in you. If I simply gave you a responsibility, I would not have to be with you at all. It would now be a task to preform, an obligation to be met, something to fail."
and a quote by A.W. Tozer
"An infinite God can give all of Himself to each of His children.
He does not distribute Himself that each may have a part,
but to each one He gives all of Himself as fully as if there were no others."

This is a really well organized book that gets right to the point. It is one you will want to keep in your studio/craft room and reference often.

OH WOW! One Thursday this summer I was walking through Borders on my way to pay and this book jumped out at me. I never listened to Korn, had never heard of Brian "Head" Walsh, and couldn't guess for the life of me why I was buying this book. I started to read it after dinner ~ never dreaming I would not be able to put it down. It is a raw , not for the lighthearted but powerful story of how this rock star ~ addicted to crystal meth ~ was able to turn his twisted mess of a life around through the power of our Lord Jesus Christ. It didn't come easy ~ Brian often had shouting matches with the Lord ~ said he was sorry by day and did more drugs by night. God never turned His back on Brian and carried him step by difficult step out of his private hell to a joy he had never known before. I loved hearing Brian's point of view as he does not come from a church background so his point of view is real and not immersed in anything but the raw direction of God.
I finished this book at the beach on Fri. I drove home completely washed through and through with the glory of God and the joy and thankfulness that God sees such beauty in all of us ~ no matter how ugly we feel.
When I got home I got the news that my sweet cousin had died in her sleep. It was the afterglow of this book that helped me through this awful news.
NOTE ~ Brian's New York Times Bestseller book " Save Me From Myself " is the same book with more pictures. "Washed By The Blood" has less pictures but contains discussion questions after each chapter. It is geared to his fans who question why he left the band "Korn" and gave his life to Christ. Since I grew up in the drug culture of the 70's ~ I was able to handle the beginning chapters where he describes his experiences with drugs etc.
I will be 50 in March and this book still spoke to me. Some others may find it offensive.

I just LOVE this book! It came in the mail just this week and I can almost taste the new DMC thread I spotted at Joann's Fabric last week. It is perfect for the simple, easy patterns in this book. Nothing fancy here ~ just refreshing and peaceful. It would be a fun challenge to do each season they picture in the book!

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