Sunday, September 21, 2008

Our New Amish Quilt

I wanted to share with you the quilt I purchased last week-end in Bird-In-Hand, Pa.
The shop is called "Quilts and Crafts" and is located in the home of Omar and Sylvia Petershiem ~ 2544 Old Phila. Pike. Shopping in Lancaster County or any Amish community ~ it is quite common for shops to be located in homes. The last time my husband and I quilt shopped ~ we went right into spare bedrooms where they have quilts stacked 50 high. They peal back one at a time to show you.
I washed ours in cold water and hung it on the line all day to dry. There is nothing like the sight of a much loved quilt hanging on the line!

My husband will tell you ~ there is nothing like sleeping under a hand made Amish quilt. You feel the love and goodwill of every stitch. It doesn't feel "new" but well used.
I had the MOST wonderful nights sleep under our quilt and the fresh smell of it swinging in the wind all day on the clothes line should be bottled!

And by the way ~ I am NOT addicted to Amish country jams and jelly's as I have been accused of by my family!!!
I see at least 2 cans of Campbell's here and B&M beans as well!

1 comment:

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Hi Terri.

Gorgeous quilt! Love the colors and design. Is it Double wedding ring? I'm not so up on my quilt patterns.

Oh and your pantry looks well stocked.
Kimberly :)

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