Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Heartfelt Thought's About The 2008 Election

No one seems to be talking about the election on the blogs I visit. Since it feels like the GREAT BIG PINK elephant in the room ~ I thought I would jump in with my thoughts.

After much tossing and turning ~ I voted for McCain. However ~ it felt different for me this year.

Normally I would have been glued to the TV but instead I spent the entire day outdoors ~ painting, raking leaves with bearly a thought about what was happening at the polls.

After dinner was made and cleaned up ~ I put on the TV and went back and forth from CNN and ABC.

As it became clear Obama was going to take this one ~ I felt a wave of peace come over me like I've never felt before.

Before I knew it ~ I was cheering for him.

I went to bed last night with such contentment that he had won and also a HUGE burden to keep him and his family in my prayers for protection.

My husband and I didn't have time to discus the election before he left for work but he called me when he was on the road. A big McCain fan ~ he had the same feeling of peace and dare I say joy that Obama indeed had won.

There is no denying what a turning point this is for our African American brothers and sisters.

I loved Woopee Goldberg's (from The View) comment that she felt she could finally put her suitcase down ~ she was home.

I love the point made today that slaves built the White House and now a black man would be walking up the stairs as the President of the United States.

From a child growing up in Maryland where the "N" word was as common as milk or bread ~ I have always hated prejudice.

Now ~ everything feels different. A line has been crossed and there is no going back.

Thank God.


Laurie said...

God Bless you Terri,
I came across your blog while checking out crazy quilters from my interests. You said it all in your comment about this election. I did vote for Barack, and cried when they announced him as the projected winner. All the statements that struck you, also struck me, and again moved me to tears. I also felt the same burden to pray for the safety of him and his family, and will continue to do so daily. Unfortunately, there are still those who cannot accept a black man as President.
Thank-you for sharing your views, you truly touched my heart.

Pat Winter said...

My sentiments exactly.It feels like we all just held hands and recognized each other as people,not by color. I knew Barack had it for quite a while,so it was no surprise. I have never seen such a display of relief and happiness over an elected president. We need this change, and hopefully we will only go forward.

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