Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Last Stop ~ Intercourse, Pa.

I arrived in Intercourse, Pa around 6 pm. Route 81 was closed due to a rather bad accident so I took beautiful
back roads through mountains in Maryland entering Pa. at Gettysburg and then traveled east until I reached

I went right to my fave restaurant there and had a home cooked meal. The dining room was filled with Amish
and Mennonite customers ~ I feel honored to be in their sweet presence.

Then to my most beautiful room. I feel surrounded in love when I am here.

I put my jammie's on and cuddled up with a book. It felt GREAT after a long day on the road.
I pull up all the blinds before I go to sleep so that I will wake to the sunrise.
The view from the windows is rolling farmland and big wind open sky.
At night ~ the sky is filled with a trillion stars!

My room is located above the "Village Quilts" sign!
The whole downstairs is the most lovely quilt shop.

I couldn't drag myself away from Amish Country until after lunch time. I took a drive through Lancaster on my way to the highway. I can't wait to go back and discover it more!

This is the most WONDERFUL chocolate shop I stop at on Rt 222 when I am on my way back to Conn.
It is called "Premise Maid Chocolates."

The purpose of my Thanksgiving trip to see my family in South Carolina was to not only spend time with them but help them prepare to move in a couple years to a new home. But as always ~ I was the one who was loved , cared for and filled up.

I left feeling whole , healthy and ready to tackle any challenge ahead.

I left remembering that they believe in me like no one else can ~ and they do.

Thanks so much Mom, Frank and Grama for your sweet and tender love and being a bright light in the night.

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Pat Winter said...

I am overwhelmed by your travels. So much fun and beauty right here in the ole US of A too! I too say "I have to go poddy", LOL! It just sounds nicer :-)

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