Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mom's Beautiful Garden ~ Taylors, S.C.

Taylors, South Carolina ~ Home of my Mom, Step-Dad Frank and Grama.

I arrived safe and sound ...... so nice to be in the loving grip of my family : )

And just LOOK where I got to play while Mom cooked Thanksgiving Dinner ~ in her beautiful garden!

This is Lake Robinson ~ the lake my family lives on with breathtaking views of the North Carolina mountains.

This is standing on the porch of Mom's garden shed (built by my brother) looking towards the lake.

This is from the garden shed porch ~ looking towards the herb garden.

Standing in front of Mom's pergela ~ looking towards the lake.

Isn't the texture of this tree amazing!

This is looking towards the garden shed.

Looking up at the back of Mom's house from the dock.

Standing on the dock ~ looking out.

The garden shed window was savagly attacked by a flying rock from the weed wacker ~

this in looking into the shed.

I gathered together my childhood toys to bring home while I was visiting. I hadnt seen my dolls in SOOOO many years.
Look at my sweet little dishes and pots and pans. I just adored washing these.

I spent COUNTLESS hours as a child organizing and rearanging my toys in the basement. I got butterflys in my tummy ~ going down there with a plan to put the kitchen set in a differnt location and maybe caddy corner my table and chairs!

This one boy that lived nearby would help me hang old curtains as room dividers. We created as many rooms as curtains we could find.

Then he would always say ~ " There is a place for everything and everysthing is in it's place! "

Doing this STILL insights the SAME butterflys. Any frequent visitor to my home will tell you I don't just rearrange furniture often but relocate whole rooms on a regular basis!

What things do you still do now ~ that you have done since you were a child?


Emme said...

Oh, dear Terri, what memories your pictures and story evokes! You always bring beauty wherever you go - and your presence is still felt as I enter each room and walk through the garden. Thank you also for using your organizational skills to help me get rid of almost forty years of "stuff." I love how you gently pulled a box, opened it, and said "When is the last time you used this?" You would look at me with those beautiful, tender blue/gray eyes and say, "Isn't it time to bless someone else?" What could I do but listen - and be blessed. When you left, half of the garage was junk for the dump and the other half useful items for Salvation Army. Thanks, dear precious daughter. Oh, a remark about the picture of the crepe myrtle tree that you featured in the pictures of my garden. You know I had an "absent father" and that just before he died we were able to talk. That tree is my monument to him, if you will. I bought it with $25.00 he gave me. I have watched it grow and become the most beautiful tree in the garden. It speaks to me of forgiveness and redemption. Before he died, my emotionally wounded father allowed Jesus to come into his broken life and heal his hurting heart. When I see that tree, it reminds me that my father too is strong and whole and beautiful and living in heaven in the place Jesus had prepared for him. I used to think it would be hard to leave the tree when we move, but I no longer need the earthly vision. God's message of healing and love is imprinted on my heart.

Thanks for your journey of love.


Anonymous said...

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Pat Winter said...

Oh goodness! I can't thank you enough for sharing the photos of your mom's garden, and your childhood treasures. When I get a chance, I will share mine too. They are in the attic. I have the doll you have, with the "bun" hairdo. Mom would always put my hair in a bun because I was a runner and it tangled so badly. She would never cut it because dad always said little girls should have long hair. To this day I find it hard to get my hair cut but when I do it, it goes short because it grows so quickly. Didn't mean to get off topic...
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