Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Jakee Boy

Our sweet dog Jake has had me worried lately.

He seems to trip over himself and have coughing fits for no reason.

The vet says he is great for his age but I feel like I have begun a long good-bye.

Jake has been our boy for a long time!

He is 14 1/2 years old.

He adores my husband most of all ~ and is still the envy of all the other hunters

when Frank brings him bird hunting.

I pray over him often and the Lord has healed many of his ailments ~ ears infections, a hideous lump on his leg that wouldn't heal before prayer.

I guess I need to ~ once and for all~ put him in God's hands and then enjoy

every new day that he shares with us!


Maggie R said...

Hi Terri,
Oh My Jake is certainly a handsome boy. I sure pray he will feel better but I suppose at that age anything can happen. We use to have a scotch terrier named Angus McDuff ... he was such a good dog and when we lost him at the age of 9 from cancer, tesrs flowed for days.... We have never replaced him. Not sure I could go through that again, but maybe that is the wrong way to look at it.... Maybe we will get another sometime?????
They give you such unconditional love...
Anyway.. Dear Jake, I will send you good thoughts and prayers..

Laurie said...

Hi Terri,
I know how you feel, I've gone through this so many times, and it never gets easier. He may still have a lot of time left, so do enjoy the happy moments. He sure is a beauty, and I keep you both in my prayers.

Pat Winter said...

Terri. Angell started the continuous coughing last fall. I have been to the vet with her several times and he said she had a hypo esophageal something...and not to worry. I think he just doesn't want to tell me she is old. She is incontinent and on meds now. I can see her slowing down and it breaks my heart.So move on over and we will take this journey together my friend. I can't imagine home without little Angie.
Gentle hugs,

Lori Anderson Designs said...

Having a sick pet is tough. I have one cat on thyroid medicine and one very old cat that is diabetic and gets insulin shots - and I just noticed, he's getting a cataract. :-(

Teena in Toronto said...

What a cutie!

Our dog is going to be 14 in the spring. We all slow down.

Happy blogoversary!

Angela Harris said...

Hey there! Glad to see you came by my blog. My tattoo on my wrist I got last year says Live in my own handwriting. It was a spur of the moment word and font. I actually wrote about it in my first post ever if you have time to read it. ALso, that very post I'm talking about was just published in Artful Blogging on pag. 14-15? It's titled LIVE!

Pearl said...

What a sweet boy, my little dog is 14 years also and I know his days are short also. I get down and play with him a lot more these days because he has given us so much. Not more food because he is over weight (not easily done)but his next favorite thing is play. I'll say a prayer for Jake.

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