Thursday, February 26, 2009

Practical Bag & Crazy Quilting Process

Here are some projects I have been working on this week.
This is the Practical Bag ~ a pattern by Grand Revival Patterns.
It is the perfect flea market bag as it will fit ton's of stuff!

Here is the lining fabric.
This fabulous fabric is Charisma by Chez Moi by Moda.
These are the silks I purchased in NYC recently.
I am working on a special remembrance gift for my Aunt Pat in honor of my cousin Kris who passed away this summer.
I thought I would show you my process for putting a project together.
FIRST ~ I pull my fabrics and place them like a puzzle where I find them most pleasing.
Under the silk is a piece of muslin.
SECOND ~ I don't tack down the fabrics in place like I used to do ~ I just pin and sew around the edge to hold things in place.
Now I can decide while I am creating where I 'd like to place lace etc and it can be tucked in easily.
THIRD ~ I use the clear lid to one of my storage boxes to pull together beads, trims, silk ribbon, buttons etc.
I put needles and scissors in the tray and I am ready to sew whenever I get some extra time.
Hopefully I will have this in the mail to my Sweet Aunt Pat by next week ~ keepin' my fingers crossed!
See the mat under Teddi's food and water dishes? I made that from oilcloth and just LOVE it!!!!
Not only does it look good but works perfectly!!!
Water NEVER penetrates my wood floors and I just run under running water and dry when it needs cleaning!
I will list these on Etsy soon :)

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