Monday, February 2, 2009

Signs of Spring !!!

I knew it ~ I knew it!!!! The 2ND day of February and LOOK!!!!
Signs of Spring in my garden!!!!
Won't these Foxglove be heavenly in just a few months!
I am pretending the snow is really the foamy white wave washing ashore on my beach chairs ;)
Jacobs Ladder unfurling it's long slender leaves.
The Ornamental Cherry Tree has new growth busting out of every direction!
My Little Lion ~ Teddi ~ watching over his kingdom.

Now if I could just remove the candy canes frozen in the ground behind this little angel.........


Laurie said...

Oh to only see signs of Spring. With a high Wednesday of only 10, I don't think it will be anytime soon. Enjoy!!

Elizabeth said...

I cam eto you by way of Pat WInter's blog!! I can't believe taht you ahve foxglove and Jacob's ladder showing signs already!! I live in Northern VA and I am seeing nothing!! You must have a nice little southern nook for these babies!!!! I can't wait to get out and dig!!!!! No gloves for me!!
Fingers crossed for spring!!

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