Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Turning 50 ........

I cant believe in just one month from tomorrow ~ I will be 50!

I have a history of having not so good birthdays and then there is that little bit
of depression that seems to creep in about this time of year.
I am always happy to get the day here and gone but this year
I decided to turn that around.

Sometimes I gauge my decisions on how I would want my daughters to behave in a certain situation.
It would hurt me terribly if they didn't honor the day of their birth so I have decided to lead by example and honor mine.
Thankfully before I left my job this fall ~ I put a small stash aside for a camera but have decided to dig into it
to create a few fun adventures and to celebrate!

I signed up to go to Martha Stewart and I got a ticket for this Tues Feb 10Th!
As an extra God Wink from the Lord I believe ~ they contacted me yesterday and said it will be the
Valentines Day taping so we all have to wear RED!
I simply can't WAIT!!!!

Then I got an offer to purchase Broadway tickets HALF PRICE!!!
AND ~ hotel rooms in New York are at an all time low!
SOOOOO ~ I am leaving Monday afternoon to take the train in.
Monday night I have an Orchestra seat to see "Phantom of the Opera " then I booked a room for myself at a nice place.... a short walk from Times Square for just $99.00!!!
I don't think I will feel alone in my wonderful NYC!
Anyway ~ whenever I go there by myself ~ I feel God walking step by step right along side of me! He really is the best kind of freind!
The next morning I will go to Martha's show . I will get in line at 8:30am ~ taping is at 11:00.
They always have pastry or muffins and juice and water while you are waiting.
After Martha ~ I will walk through bead and button row ~ stroll through the fabric stores.
Just looking this time but I will find great ideas for sure!
City Quilter is very close to Martha's studio ~ oh boy!!!!

That afternoon my daughter Jaci is meeting me in the city and we have orchestra seats at 8:00pm to see "Mama Mia" ~ a play she has been wanting to see for a long time.
We will take a very late train back home that evening.

On March 4Th ~ I am using a $200.00 gift certificate I have had forever at Foxwoods Casino Spa for a facial.
They let you use the facility's for the day so I may take a sauna and feel pampered.

THEN ~ on March 28st ~ I booked one night at my home away from home ~ my sweet Room # 904 over the Quilt Shop in Intercourse , PA.
It is the last week-end of $99.00 rooms for the season.
I don't have to do anything but just be there.
This time Frank is going to come so I will have someone to sit on the big front porch with and watch the Amish buggies go by.

Also ~ I am promising myself one entire day in the month of March of doing nothing but sitting in front of my little library with a big stack of books next to me ~ Teddi on the other side and reading.
I love all my books so much !
I collect books on local history on all the places I visit, U.S. History, gardening , decorating and biography's.
Also I have several 100 plus yr old books I love to read.
And my books on Mark Twain ~ most are out of print.

Hopefully we will have at least one good gardening day in March ~ I will plant pansy's and celebrate spring!

I thought I would be old at 50 but I feel better than ever ~ seasoned in the most wonderful way ~ and have a vision of where the Lord has me headed.
I do need desperately to lose 10 pounds but I am determined to do it!
I would love an eye lid lift ~ hehe ~ maybe someday!
I don't know all the bumps and turns between here and there but I am hopeful and more than anything else ~
want my Dear Lord in heaven to be proud of me.

Please my blogging friends ~ let's not EVER let each other feel guilty for celebrating our lives.
We really need to love ourselves so we can love each other.
God chose us to be here and now for a very special purpose ~ knowing that all of our paths would cross.
Remember the ONE and ONLY thing NO one can EVER take from YOU ~ is God's LOVE.
It's yours NO MATTER WHAT!!!!

I wish for you all to feel lifted up and beautiful.
Because YOU ARE!!!!!


Laurie said...

Oh Terri I wish you the best birthday ever, and it sounds like you're on your way! You need to do something if the camera catches you in the audience at Martha's so we know it's you and I can wave as if you see me! Have a wonderful time! Lots of pictures and I know great stories are coming our way over the next 2 months. Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

We've never met but I was searching the internet looking for ideas to celebrate my 50th at the end of the year and came across your blog. Your celebrations sound like a wonderful way to celebrate you and your favorite things. I hope your 50th was wonderful and just a shadow of the blessings the Lord has for you in the next 50. Thanks so much for sharing. Christine

Terri's ThreadArt said...

Thank you so much Christine!
Happy, Happy 50th to YOU!

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