Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Nails Are Filled With Dirt & I LOVE It!

HI Everyone! I have missed you all so much. I have been bogged down with business stuff but who cares about that ~
Let's talk about the gardening!

Tulips came up everywhere in my yard this year ~ super size this and get lost in it!
My yard is filled with retaining walls and little garden rooms.
This is standing at the top looking down at one of the more level areas.
My little pond is just to the left out of sight.

Everything in a garden is fascinating ~ including this mob of ants climbing up a rock wall.

This tulip looks like it is singing a joyous song of praise!
When the leaves on the trees blow in the wind ~ I believe they are giving the Lord a mighty hand clap!

I can't remember names of stuff anymore ~ but this is that typical yet beautiful stuff you see climbing down rock walls.

Variegated hosta unfurling.
I love the movement in this photo.

One of my garden friends. Teddi chases these and sadly has bitten them a time or two.
It makes me sad but it is after all ~ the circle of life.

This tree is right outside my kitchen window. See my friend in the tree ~ he is the funniest squirrel I have ever "known!"
He has been building a twig nest just to the right. He does it so willy nilly ~ ever time he brings more twigs and pushes them in ~ the other ones fall and he scurries to catch them.
He sleeps in this hole in the tree most of the day.
I suspect he is the one biting off my favorite pink tulips and dropping them in one of the bird baths!

Remember ~ the more pansy's you pick ~ the more will grow.

I wanted to share this tip with you that has worked great for me for years.
I grow many of my peony plants under a rose bush.
The sharp thorns seem to keep the Peony bush straight and under control.
When the peonybush dies off ~ the rose bush is there to take over.
This is also a great idea with say a Lilac tree.
Try planting Morning Glory or Clementius underneath it.
After the lilacs are gone ~ the vine takes over and the tree appears to have blooms all summer!
All you see is the leaves of the tree and the blooms of the vine.
One of the rock gardens exploding in bloom.

This tall fern came off of a 100 years old fern at a local museum.

All the ornamental trees are in bloom in front of my home.

Take time to enjoy Spring in your own special way!
".......i think the king is but a man,
as I am;
the violet smells to him as it does to me."
Henry IV ~ Shakespere

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Pat Winter said...

I loved the ants...the snake freaked me! Your garden is wonderful and I loved the morning walk with you. I so much love the fern. How great is that texture????
Oh what fun to have a garden and get to care for it and enjoy. We are so fortunate to have been given the gift of gardening. Many people I know could care less. Very sad for them. Love ya sweet pea!
Hugs,Pansy Pat :-)

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