Thursday, April 30, 2009

Terri Lee Doll's, First Crazy Quilt and A Vintage Apron

Don't you love this beautiful vintage apron. I purchased years and years ago.
It is one of the items I will be letting go on my Etsy site in the next few days.
I washed and hung it on the line yesterday and loved watching it blow in the wind.

I was walking past my tiny little guest room (8 x 10 to be exact!) with camera in hand and realized I kept many of my treasures and collections in there. I thought I'd share some of them from time to time with you.
Did you ever hear of a Terri Lee Doll?
They were beautiful dolls from the 1940's. I always wanted one cause ~ hey ~ my name is Terri Lee!
One Christmas about 10 years ago ~ my Mom bought me this one. Isn't she beautiful?
Next to her is my beautiful box from Pat Winter.

This is my first Crazy Quilt. It still has needles in it with thread ~ it is far from done.
I had NO idea what I was doing. I made BIG blocks so I would have a bigger quilt ~ my teacher giggled when I told her that ~ now I know why!
All my kids still lived home back then. I would sit in my chair half the day and from dinner to bed ~ stitching!
I gained 5 pounds that fall-winter!
My style has changed so much but one day soon I want to finish it.
That is why it is hanging ~ a nagging reminder ;)
It has pieces of my children's clothing, their pictures, pennies with my anniversary year and my birth year.
Silly as it looks to me now ~ it holds many special pieces of my life ~ including introducing me to an art that will continue to ease me through many of life's ups and downs.


Laurie said...

All so pretty Sharon, I love vintage aprons. Even though it's your first, the crazy quilt is going to be beautiful! I gave mom my first one to hang in her hall. I look at it too, and think how far I've come. Keep sharing your treasures!

Pat Winter said...

Your doll is sweet, and I had never heard of one. Hmmmm. You did much better on your first CQ attempt than I!!!
Smiles and hugs,Pat

Piney Rose said...

Your things are beautiful. I still have a quilt square I made when I was about 12, an appliqued tulip. I should make a pillow and hand it down to my daughter.

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