Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Monday Morning!!!

It is a beautiful Monday morning here in Conn, USA!
The sky is a deep blue with a slight chill in the air.
Before I head out into the garden ~ I wanted to wish you a HAPPY MONDAY!

This week-end ~ Frank and I went on an awesome bike ride on the Farmington Rail Trail.
We just started bike riding again last week-end.
When is the last time you got on your bike? Oh just go ahead and try it again!
Go to this site to find the bike trail near you ~
I was visiting a blog from England ~ I wish I could find it again!
She had wonderful pictures of her bike rides through her narrow village lanes and
was the proud owner of one of those cool 1950's looking bikes complete with a basket!

This past Tuesday ~ I met up with a dear friend from LA in New York City for the evening.
We had dinner, took in the 2004 Tony Winner "Avenue Q", paid a visit to the famous Sardi's,
and sat in the middle of Times Square soaking in the lights before I took the 1:46am train back to Ct.
Our evening wasn't really like a tea party but.......

More like this! Hee hee ; )

Just kidding!
She is one of those friends that you can bear your soul to without feeling judged ~ the best kind!
I am proud of Lori! She has been a comedian in LA and NYC for many years.
She writes for Joan Rivers and has a long list of impressive achievements under her belt.
She played Dangerfield's while she was in the city last week.
We had some fun adventures in our youth ~ driving cross country in her brand new Mustang.
I love ya Lori!

This week I am breaking out all the cleaning supplies and getting ready for my Mom to fly in from South Carolina on Fri for a week!
We always have a great time! Can't wait to see you Mom!

" The only good teachers for you are those friends who love you,

who think you are interesting or very important,

or wonderfully funny."


ps Thanks to all you awesome souls who offer free clip art on line.

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