Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Passion for Sea Glass, A Homemade Life And Other Great Products To Share.....

My Dear Friends......I have been thinking of you!
I won't get to all I want to share ~ it's almost dinner time ~ but let me at least share a few books
and products that have made my life awfully nice lately.
A Passion For Sea Glass
The book " A Passion For Sea Glass" was given to me from Mom a few weeks ago.
Oh WOW ~ do I love this book. There are SO many great projects to try ~

......this is one of them. Sea glass wind chimes ~ mm mm ~ I wonder what they sound like?
This made me really want to organize my sea glass better.
I have some in glass jars in my windows but the rest is hidden away in plastic buckets.
The author speaks about sea glass history, wearable art, locations, projects and sea glass artists.
(by the way "sea" the large shells pictured with the book? I found those at Milford Beach here in Ct.)

"A Homemade Life" by Molly Wizenberg

I am reading this book as we speak.
'A Homemade Life" is written in a delightful way ~much like "The Sweet Life in Paris."
Each chapter is a story with a recipe at the end relating to the story.
You stroll with the author through her childhood memories, loosing her Dad, and finding the love of her life
and how food helped her on her journeys in a delightful way.
This is the kind of book you can step away from for a week or so and pick up where you left off ~ no problem.
I have turned down the corner of every page that holds a recipe I must try ~ almost every one!
Visit Molly's well loved blog at http://www.orangette.blogspot.com/

"The LightWedge Book Light"

I like to read before I go to bed ~ Frank likes the lights OUT!
I have tryed all those cheesy book lights ~ they last about a week if it's my lucky week.
I toyed with the idea of a Hannah Montana book light that was 90% off at Borders ~ he he
and then I saw this.
"The Light Wedge" at Borders. It was $10.00 at 75% off. It comes with a nifty case that I never use.
You hold it right over the page you are reading and can see perfectly!
It is a little awkward to hold at first but you get used to it.
I have had it for a month now ~ use it every night ~ and it's still burnin' bright!

"ChiroFlow Waterbase Pillow"

Franks chiropractor recommended this pillow for him to help his back pain at night.
You fill the base with water ~ it's really like a water bed for your head!
The top however ~ is fluffy like a regular pillow.
He has been using this for over 2 months now and no more back pain in the morning!
It was $44.00 from his Doctor but I bet if you shop on line ~ you may be able to find it cheaper.

Celsius Energy Drink

The self proclaimed Red Bull addict has officially changed energy drinks!
Hello CELSIUS! I LOVE this stuff!
You get double the drink, it taste a whole heck of a lot better ~
it is actually GOOD and doesnt have any nasty chemicals in it.
I buy it by the case from Amazon and NEVER exceed one per day.
This is my coffee replacement since coffee has lots of carbs and add's to my pre ~ menopausal waistline.
If I do have coffee ~ I will skip this for the day.
Organic Smooth Move Tea

Okay now we are all buddies so I am going to share this last one with you.
We don't use any over the counter medicine in our home.
If it can't be cured with something natural ~ I live with it.
My daughter happen to be drinking a cup of this tea the other day and I tryed it.
It was so YUMMY! It had a sweetness to it that made it feel like maybe I was eating a
big chocolate brownie if I closed my eyes.
(okay ~ I'm exaggerating but you know what I mean)
So the other day ~ it was rainy and cold for July. I thought hhmmm~ I think
I'll make a pot of that yummy tea while I'm working on the computer.
I made it extra strong ~ 2 teabags in a tiny tea pot.
I let it steep and slowly enjoyed my treat. I had a fleeting thought later in the day about the purpose of that particular tea but ~ I was fine so forgot about it.
That was until my 2AM wake up call ~ when my stomach let out a gurgle so load it woke the neighbors ~
let's just say mission accomplished.
When it seemed safe to returned to bed 20 minutes later ~ still sweaty and now weak ,
I took a sip of water and immediately high tailed it (he he) back to the throne for another round.
Moral of the story ~ this stuff works! Treat it with respect ~ 1 teabag only when needed.
As yummy as it is ~ it is medicinal ~ not a treat ;)

New Toys At Micky McD's

And since I was all cleaned out ~
I will admit that YES ~ I DID buy AND eat a Cheeseburger Happy Meal just so I could have the Teeny Beany Baby Toy!


Maggie R said...

Hi Terri,
WELL..... You are a wealth of info to-day..... Gee thanks... I enjoyed reading about it all and a few things stuck.... That reading light is something !!I have one that clips on the book.. so far so good. My DH doesn't like the light on when I want to read either. Never saw that before.... the water pillow sounded interesting and that tea....... WHOA!!!!! Yikes......
Love the little beanie.... I thought I was the only one that did that.... VBG
I am afraid of the power drinks. Some of them have ingredients that don't agree with high blood pressure,,,,sigh....
I loved seeing the sea glass book. our nearest water is a couple of hours away so it is something i don't pursue. It is so pretty though isn't it..Loved the windchimes.
Well I better buzz off here..
Thanks again Terri for a fun, interesting post...

Bunny Chic Boutique said...

Thanks for sharing all of those Fabulous Products!!! I NEED a new pillow ~ bought one last week ~ but it was too fat. I'm going to try this water pillow ~ it sounds perfect!!

My Computer crashed AGAIN yesterday ~ second time in 6 months. I was so upsert about the Computer and then everything else. Yesterday was a horrible day ~ but today we spent the day at the Beach. I can breathe again and WILL survive. :)

Bunny Hugs ~


P.S. Now ~ I want a new Vintage Kitchen too.

Anonymous said...


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