Saturday, August 29, 2009

Beautiful Quilts at The Peoples Place Museum in Intercourse, Pa.

Whenever I am on my way home to Connecticut from anywhere south of the Mason -Dixon Line ~ you know I just gotta stay the night in my beloved Intercourse, Pa.
Sweet, beautiful Amish Country ~ there is nothing I don't LOVE about it!

I always visit The Peoples Place Quilt Museum and Fabric Shop ~

which happens to be directly across the street form the Inn I always stay in.
Please enjoy these wonderful quilts that are part of the current collection ~

When you least expect it,
a common thread
~ golden, at that ~
begins to weave together
the fabric of friendship.
mary kay shanley

FYI ~ I used this cool setting I just discovered on my Canon Camera called STITCH to get the nice angle shots


Blasé said...

Nice Stitch!

I like the way you spell Aerosmith.

Maggie R said...

What a glorious collection of quilts. You got some great shots for us to see...
Thanks for sharing Terri

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