Saturday, August 29, 2009

Road Trip to Virginia ~ Tappahannock, Fredricksburg, Rappahannock River

A few weeks ago ~ I was thrilled to take a road trip ~ just me, myself and I ~to see family in Tappahannock, Va.
I wish I could have traveled by sea but instead ~

it was via the New Jersey Turnpike.
Of course I am used to the usual 1 hour back up ~ always around Exit 8 for some reason.
I only wish I had not been so absentminded about my gas.
I was on empty and miles and miles of traffic ahead in a dead stop.
I did what I always do ~ prayed and asked the Lord for some extra grace for not having filled my tank.
One hour later ~ I made it right to the pump.
HE never lets me down!
I arrived at Tappahannock, Va ~ 9 hours after leaving Connecticut.
I had never been here but could feel I belonged.
Many of my ancestors from both sides of my family were from this area ~ fishing the Rappahannock River and raising their family's up and down this stretch of Va.

I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Tappahannock.
This is a very small town and I didn't expect much but was pleasantly surprised!
It was spotlessly clean ~ many offerings for free including breakfast, pool, gym and computers in the lobby area.

The little Historic District was lovely.

This is the Rappanhannock River ~

I stopped my car under the bridge and tried to picture my ancestors going up and down this river.
It felt so wonderful to be here ~ kinda like having a dream of a place you loved when you were a child.
I felt like I was revisiting instead of visiting for the first time.
I had a wonderful visit with my family all day Saturday.
They are wonderful folks ~ down to earth, country through and through.
I left at dusk for the hour ride North to Fredricksburg, Va.

I arrived at dark so it took me a while to find my Inn ~ The Kenmore.
Many of the streets are one way so it was hard to find at night.

I was starving when I arrived but the only place that was still open to dine was the bar.
Oh darn ~ I felt funny going to a bar alone but hunger ruled. I remember thinking at 50 ~ I can do anything!
I ordered a salad ~ leaving my glasses in my room so the bartender had to read me the menu to me ~ how embarrassing.
After I ordered ~I noticed my glasses were hanging out of my shirt the whole time!
It was a very nice place and what interesting people !
I will start at one end of the bar and work my way around ~
- there was a woman who's Dad had been a pilot for many of our presidents.(Nixon was his favorite)
- A well known 80 something year old piano player and his attractive wife, (on his way out of the bar ~ he played a short but beautiful tune on the bar piano)
- a young couple who were celebrating there 1st wedding anniversary ~ both lawyers,
- a young cute curly haired kid who seemed to have consumed one to many energy drinks,
- a man who's brother in law almost beat the the Iron Chef on the Food Network.
We all had SO much fun and such lively conversation ~ I didn't get back to my room till midnight!
It was the most unexpected end to the most wonderful day ~ back where my life had began generations before me ~ I was home.
Now if only this could have been my house!
This was the chandler above my bed ~ (pic's of the room didn't turn out)

The dining room where breakfast was served ~

The front porch of my dreams ~ (I thought of my pal Pat Winter when I was sitting here)

After breakfast ~ I checked out early ~ left my car at the Inn as parking is difficult ~ and walked to the downtown area.
The homes along the way were beautiful......
with beautiful gardens to match.

I walked around for 2 hours in the 100 degree heat ~ waiting for the museums and shops to open
(it was Sunday)

...and ended up with a case of heat stroke!
I made it to one museum when I had to find an air conditioned restaurant and sit there for over an hour until I was up to driving.
I still had to drive to Lancaster, Pa that day so headed out on the road ~ ton's of traffic as I was in the Washington DC area ~ and prayed once again for God's grace and help to get me to my destination.
Here are a few other pic's I took in Fredricksburg before I got sick ......

gorgeous magnolia's.....

lovely alley ways ~ so common in these southern towns.
Even the trees are steeped in history.
By the time I reach Baltimore, Maryland ~ I started to feel better.
Just as I was within 20 minutes of my hotel in Pa ~ a terrible storm hit the area.
The black sky turned everything dark as night. Since I drive a convertible ~ I was concerned about falling trees.
I passed several but those wonderful angels kept me safe.
By 7:00 pm ~ I was rocking in the wooden rocking chairs on my hotel porch ~ as the sun pecked back out just in time for the sunset.
I reflected on the last few days, it truly did feel like such a wonderful adventure.
Tomorrow morning ~ I would be waking up in my beloved Amish Country.
Breakfast at the same place we always brought the kids. Their childhood seems as though it lives on here ~
I see their faces in the children whose glance I catch.
I feel their tug on my leg and hear there excitement as a Amish Buggy rides by.
Maybe it is these memories that draw me back to this place time and again ~ as much as it is my love for the people here.
for more info on the places I visited ~
Rappahannock River
Tappahannock, Va
Lancaster County, Pa


Musings of a Sea Witch said...

OOOOOOOOOOHH! I'm sea green with envy. You begin your posting with a mermaid in a sailor's net and then you whisk me off to a romp down the Jersey turnpike to the "hannocks" and to a lovely road trip. Being a "jersey girl" I know these roads well and wish I was in the back seat feeding you delectible fresh from my kitchen treats and sharing gossip. Sea Witch

amytrader said...

What a beautiful trip!! I'm jealous! I'd love to do that some day.

Bunny Chic Boutique said...

I enjoyed every second of your road trip!! You always have the best blog posts and this is one of my favorite!!!

Think I'm one of your followers now ~ hope I signed up right.

Wishing you a Fabulous afternoon!! I bet the weather is gorgeous up there right now.

Bunny Hugs ~


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