Monday, August 31, 2009

Treasures From Pat

"Love is the true means by which the world is enjoyed;
our love to others, and others love to us."

How did I ever get to be such a lucky girl?
I was supposed to pick a birthday gift from Pat's shop back in March but wanted
to "save" the fun for a special time .
The other day was that special time and in the blink of an eye ~
this Treasure arrived at my door!

AND this absolutely amazing cell or card case and charming "Shop Till You Drop" pin
AND all of these other treats including her hand dyed silk ribbon which is the best you will find.
PLEASE DO double click on the photo's so you can see up close the details!!!
The best part is the love that pours out of her work. It makes me cry every time ~ which my husband thinks is very funny ~ in a good way.
Teddi starts to lick me like crazy ~ not knowing they are tears of joy.
One of my favorite quotes reminds me very much of my special friend ~
whom must be rich in all the very best ways ~ if this quote bears any truth ............
Life begets life.
Energy creates energy.
It is by spending ones self that one becomes rich. s.bernhardt

Thanks you Pat Winter for making my life richer by your friendship.


Laurie said...

Just beautiful Terri! I will have the pleasure of learning from Pat at one of her workshops on October 3rd! My sister and I are going, and can't wait! Her work is amazing, as is yours!

Maggie R said...

Hi Terri,,,
Oh My what a lovely surprise from Pat...
Each bit is beyond beautiful as is Pat herself... What a giving loving person..
I smiled to read about your wee pooch trying to comfort your tears of joy....
Have a wonderful day and enjoy your gifts..

Musings of a Sea Witch said...

The ribbons are to die for. What lovely work and you, my dear, are a very lucky gal. Sea Witch

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