Monday, December 14, 2009

Time to Catch Up!

Hi Friends!
Let's catch up!
It's been a while since we chatted but the last couple months have been all about Jake.

Our 15 year old Brittney needed some pretty extensive surgery for a tooth infection that had travel up to his eye area.

Then the week before Thanksgiving ~
    he went limp, couldn't eat or stand.It turned out to be an ailment called  Vestibular.

Except for a bit of a crocked walk ~ he's so much better.

Thank you Lord!

I have been working and creating ~ when I'm not farming on Farmville.

An adorable gift and basket shop The Wishing Well  in the BEAUTIFUL town of Sandy Hook, Ct is now carrying my work.
They offer a Well Baskets ~ healthy food baskets that you can have shipped as well.
My items are not listed on line but in their "brick and mortar" location.
I had a very short deadline to get some things in before Christmas ~ here are a few of those items.

Inner Child Doll

Paris Chic Organizer

Classic Scottie Dog Mini Quilt

This is a crazy quilted pouch I made for my Aunt Sarah......

and one made for my friend Debbi

My girls and I attended a Halloween Party hosted by a dear family friend for the United Way.

I had not planned on attending ~ I met my girls at their friends restaurant across the street to drop off a gift

and they convinced me to go.

I jumped in my car and high tailed it to Walmart (getting pulled over for not having my lights on ~ oops!)

I grabbed one of those cheap looking costumes ~ paid for it ~ then drove to a local church parking lot on the way and got changed in my car.

I was praying that same friendly police officer that pulled me over WASN'T in the area!

I arrived looking like a misfit but it was dress up after all and we had a BLAST!

This is Jaci , me and Cheri (my twins!)

Me and ALL my girls! Jaci, Ashley, me and Cheri

Ashley designed and created the dress she is wearing!

Jaci and Cheri

Tony and Cheri ~ Tony was a "chick magnet" ~ get it?

I am still dog sitting my son's dog Daisy.

This photo cracks me up ~ Jake and Teddi were sleeping and Daisy was bored out of her mind!

Teddi trying to look cute so Momma will give him a treat!

Teddi jumped on the chair after Thanksgiving Dinner and was appalled he wasn't getting anything!

Daisy with my son Franky ~ not minding at all that Cheri's beagle Cutlet is getting VERY fresh!

The Thanksgiving Dinner

And now the Christmas season!

Jake and Teddi are napping in the chairs in my sitting area ~ listening to some Kenny G.

I hope your holiday season has gotten off to a grand start!

We are certainly all going a little crazy right about now but DO stop to enjoy the sights and sounds all around you!

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