Thursday, April 22, 2010

In Memory of Jake

In Memory of Jake Takacs
October 2, 1994 ~ April 21, 2010

"We who choose to surround ourselves with lives even more temporary than our own live within a fragile circle, easliy and often breached.
Unable to accept it's awful gaps, we still would live no other way."

from "The Once Again Prince"

I was having a difficult morning.
 Mom and Dad knew in their hearts this may be the day we say good-bye.

Daddy took me for one more morning walk.
 I walked good for Dad ~ even pulled him on my leash.
Mommy took me in the backyard with Teddi.
Mornings in the backyard are my favorite place to be , well except for the fields Daddy used to take me to go hunting.

It was hard for me to stand after that. I waited outside for Dad to come home.

Mom prayed for me and God let Mom and Dad know today was the right day for us to say good bye.
I gave Teddi the job of barking at the UPS guy and all the cats that come near our house.
Daddy tryed to take me for one more walk......

I smiled at him and tried ~ but just couldn't do it.
Daddy and Mommy were happy to see me relax and be in peace when we went to the vet.
The vet make a paw print for my family in clay.
They wrapped me in the blanket Dad kept in his truck just for me ~
and Teddi gave me a kiss goodbye.

My whole family came to say good bye.
Mommy read my last will and testament and everyone held hands and said a prayer.
Franky and Dad laid me in the sweet ground that I love ~ on a bed of corn stalks Mom grew last year.
Franky picked a tulip for everyone and they placed them in my grave....
except for Mommy and Teddi ~ they put theirs in Jaci's water bottle right on top.
My earthly body is now at peace in the yard I have loved so much.

But won't my family be surprised to know I am now in heaven with all the other animals my family has loved ~ chasing cats and pheasant!

Daddy you were the best friend in all the world.I was so proud when we hunted together and I know you were proud of me.
Jaci,Cheri,Franky and Ashley ~ no dog could ever ask for better kids than you.
I loved when you dressed me up,snuggled with me on cold winter days,took me for walks and gave me so many wonderful treats.
Teddi I didn't like you at first but you grew on me and till the end ~ you were always by my side.
To all my other friends and family ~ I love you and will miss you.

The Last Will and Testament of Jake

I have little in the way of material things to leave.
Dogs are wiser than men. Thyy don't set regret in there minds.
They don't store things. They don't waste their days hording property.
They don't ruin their sleep worrying about how to keep objects they have,
and to obtain objects they have not.
There is nothing of value to bequeath except my love and faith.
These I leave to all who have loved me.
But, if I should list all who have loved me it would force my Mommy to write a book.
Perhaps it is vain for me to boast, but I have always been a very lovable dog,
I ask my family to remember me always but not to grieve for me too long.
Let hthem remember that no dog has ever had a happier life and for this I owe for their love and care.
Dogs do not fear death, we accept it as part of life.
Peace and rest and eternal sleep in the earth I have loved so much.
One last word of farewell.
Dear Daddy, Mommy,Jaci,Cheri,Franky, Ashley and Teddi ~  whenever you think of me say to yourself with happiness in your heart at the remembrance of my very happy life with you ~
"Here lies one who loved us and whom we loved.
No matter how deep my sleep I will hear you, and not all the power of death can keep my spirit from wagging a grateful tail."


Jaci Takacs said...

That's beautiful Mom!!! Now back to work with tears in my eye- thanks :)

Jaci Takacs said...

Thats beautiful mom! Love you and love this little blog... Now back to work with tears in my eye :(

Laurie said...

I'm typing through so many tears Terri, I know the pain all too well when we lose one of our precious pets, true family members. You wrote a beautiful tribute to Jake, and touched my heart in ways you'll never know. My heart felt prayers to all of you as you cope with his death.

izzarellim said...

Hi terri,
I've had your blog on my google reader for a while but you hadn't updated lately. So, i was excited to see you posted today, but so very sad to see that it was with such sad nees. I am so so so very sorry about Jake. He was a good dog and I know how you all loved him. My love to you and Frank and the kids. I know Jake is happy and free in heaven. Thaks for the beautiful post.


Maggie R said...

Dear Terri,
How sad to lose this wonderful friend "Jake". You gave him such a wonderful tribute.
We only had one dog a Scottish Terrier "Angus" and when we lost him we cried for days..Never got anymore pets.... to hard when they go..
Hope you will enjoy the memories Jake left you with

FredaB said...

Dear Terri

Just remember that he had a wonderful home and people that loved him deeply. That will not erase your sorrow now but in time to come it will. One day you will start remembering and laughing at the things he used to do.

My daughter went thru this awhile ago and now we laugh and say remember the day Teddy stole half a cake off the counter and the kids laugh. She had the dog before she had the three boys so there was a real deep love affair there also. She now has a rescue dog named Bauer
and he is filling the void.

Many hugs to you all


Andrea said...

Oh My Gosh, You have me in tears. I am not looking forward to the day I have to say bye to my Ginger...Thank-you for sending me the link to a truly beautiful article. Hugs.

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