Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The History of Buttons ~ Inspired by The 26th Annual Northeast Regional Button Show

The 26th Annual Northeast Regional Button Show
Crowne Plaza Hotel, Southbury, Ct.
June 4th ~ 6th 2010

We have all been to quilt shows and the like that sell beautiful buttons ~ but I can PROMISE you
You've never seen a true masterpiece button until you have been to one of these Button Shows!
I counted 24 dealers there from all over the country.
Each had huge displays of buttons as well as a bargin bins you were able to go through for great deals!

Let me first apologize for the worst pics I've ever taken my awful pictures.
The folks that ran this show were so accommodating to me as well as the owner of this collection.
I did not want to be disruptive by pulling all his trays out to get better lighting so I snapped pics
looking downward and hoped for the best.

This entire collection belongs to Gary Brockman of Mineral Point, Wi.(tinajas@mhtc.net)
I would not hesitate to order from him on line ~ his collection was superior in every way with prices ranging from a few dollars to thousands.
(look carefully and you will see the prices marked in pencil next to each button)

This LINK will give you an excellent view of some amazing works of art, buttons that is, up close.

Go Here for a fantastic list of all the variety's of buttons and corresponding articles compiled by Bead and Button Magazine. You will find an article by Gary there as well.

Did you know round objects believed to be buttons were found in pre-historic burial grounds.
They are round and made of gold,bone and clay.

There is a vast history ~ you can find it Here .
From 1860 on ~ they became a decorative item on woman's clothing and well  ~ that's all it took!
They then began to be mass producted!

Just a mile from my home  ~ here in Naugatuck, Ct. USA ~ Charles Goodyear's father Amasa had a button mill run by our very own Naugatuck River.
(Our town was called Salem's Bridge at the time.)

Just a few miles up the road ~ in Waterbury, Ct ~ Scovill Manufacturing Company was known around the world for their buttons. Here is an excerpt from their web site ~

"Scovill's buttons have adorned many U.S. military uniforms since the war of 1812, but among the most famous pieces produced by Scovill is a set of closures made for General Marquis de LaFayette and presented to him when he visited the U.S. in 1825. These 17 closures featured the head of George Washington and were acclaimed as masterpieces of their time. They were made of solid gold which was obtained from a single nugget unearthed in North Carolina."

Go Here and find out when a button show will be near you.
You may even want to join the National Button Society in your area.

By the way ~ have you picked a favorite?
Mine is the beautiful Cottage Button trimmed in gold ~ $400.00.
Can you find it?


Laurie said...

I think I'd have to fight you for the cottage button, it's beautiful. But I'd also take any on the last picture. What a fantastic post!

Darlene said...

Cool, thanks for sharing.

Pam Kellogg said...

Oh, love these buttons! They are just gorgeous! I couldn't choose a favorite if I had to!

Torie Jayne said...

So many great buttons! Have a sweet day!

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

Was visiting Karen Valentines blog and saw the name of your blog...I love lavender (and there is a lot of it between the cracks in my floorboards) so I had to stop by.

I'm very happy I did. We have the same Father !


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