Tuesday, July 6, 2010

This is not pleasant.
I am praying the right person will come across this post and have some knowledge to pass on.
Someone I love with all my heart had a leg amputation this morning.
The pain associated with it ~ we were not prepared for.
If anyone has a loved one who has been through this ~ please email me.


blinkbonniefarm said...

I'm so sorry. I come to you by way of Pat Winter's blog. I have no experience with this but have caregiver experience as my husband has had 3 surgeries for cancer and has been in the hospital countless times. You have to be an advocate for the person. Some hospitals have a separate pain management area that handles pain and narcotic pain killers. Check to see if this is available. Insist on talking with a doctor that can help with this. Most hospitals have a patient advocate. Locate that person to help if needed. My husband came out of surgery on a ventalator, convulsing with pain. It took several hours to get this calmed down. The hospital process moves slow--Dr. orders meds, goes to pharmacy, back to nursing area, then receives pain meds. In our experience this can take an hour or more. My best advice is gentle but persistent "pushing" for your needs. Hang in there, it's hard to watch a loved one in pain. --Pat

Sea Witch said...

Will keep you and your friend in my thoughts. Sea Witch

A said...

hi.just had a chance to check out your page! wow.your amazing!!! i sat next to you at the believers confrence when Paula white spoke. (nicole) :) love your page and the book of psalms with the drawings is so awsome i have to get a copy! it was so nice to meet you.i will keep you in my prayers.

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