Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lunapic ~ a cool new site I just discovered

I have been playing around with pictures of my work today ~  trying to create a new banner for my etsy shop I will be reopening in just a few weeks.

This picture wouldn't fit but I discovered a cool site along the way I wanted to share with you.

Lunapic ~ an online photo editor.

It does crazy cool stuff like adding sparkles, reflecting ponds, twinkling hearts and tons of other stuff to your photos.
You simply upload your photo and play to your hearts content.

     Here is a photo of a pouch I entered at the Great Barrington Fair this fall ~
                        (double click on photo to see the photo dance for you)

                                                         Here is the Old Hollywood Effect

The Lego Effect

Reflecting Pond
(double click on this one as well)

And there it is smack dap in the middle of a $100.00 dollar bill!

Now I know how my fellow bloggers do all that crazy stuff you do with pictures.

Aahh ~ but the etsy banner.....still got some work to do on that.

"We are nearest the angels when we love."

1 comment:

Laurie said...

I need to visit this site, it looks like a lot of fun!
I wish I would have had something to share on One World One Heart this year, especially being the last. But time constraints kept me from joining in. Your heart is beautiful though, and I know you're going to get a lot of hits on it! Have fun!

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