Sunday, February 13, 2011

Make Your Own Tea Stained Rose

Hi Friend's!

I wanted to share with you the Victorian Bags I have been working on.
I have them listed in my Etsy site.
Tea stained muslin was my first love back in the 90's.
Remember when tea stained dolls were all the rage?
I sold them at a local shop and spent hours dying muslin with tea and coffee so it has been a blast working with it again!

To make the muslin Rose like the one on the Fond Remembrance bag shown below  ~
you will need a muslin strip about 12" by 1 1/2 ".
Start by folding the strip in 3rds long ways so it is 12" by 1/2 ".
Roll about 10 times tightly  ~ this is your center.
Then roll and twist ~ roll and twist, letting the fabric loosen as you go,
you will begin to see the rose form.

Once the rose is finished ~
I use nymo thread and a heavy needle and from the back,
I run the thread through the layers from one end to another until it is secure.

For added embellishment use scraps of lace, vintage leaves from old hats, sequins for the center.

Does that all seem a bit too confusing?
Just rip a strip of muslin this size and begin to play.
Don't use scissors ~  for that time worn look.
You will likely create your own special flower that is all your design!

 Or just come by my Etsy shop and order one!

" I have now taken of the kernel of your life and planted it in mine.'
~ Margaret Fuller 1845


Jensters said...

Terri thanks for leaving me your blog....these bags are right up my them and the roses....i must not go to Esty and look as spent lots of money over the weekend....but i shall be back next month....gonna explore now.

Laurie said...

These bags are beautiful Terri, I hope to be able to order from your shop soon, I love the things you create.

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