Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Vintage Tea Napkin Becomes A Pouch

I wanted to share with you a project I worked on today.
A special lady is going through chemo and needed a pouch to hold her beloved Rosary Beads.

I started with a heavy linen vintage tea napkin.
Beautiful hand tatting already lined the edges.

 I stitched down the casing that holds the silk ribbon and added a glass flower and vintage pearl bead.

Because this sturdy linen fabric has stood the test of time ~ I was able to machine embroider the bible verse to the front.
Often these older fabrics will get beat up by the speed of an embroidery machine even with a generous amounts of stabilizer front and back.
I stitched the side and bottom closed and this pouch is ready for use.

For this project I used ~

Sulky Cut-Away Permanent Stabilizer
Robison-Anton embroidery thread
Kenmore Q Foot Blue needles

For beautiful tatting visit Wendy Shu ~ who was recently featured in Pat's  "Crazy Quilt Gatherings"
Here or Here

"..... I am the Lord that healeth thee."
Exodus 15-26


Laurie said...

What a beautiful thoughtful gift Terri, she's very lucky to receive this.

FredaB said...

Beautiful little bag and a beautiful thought from you. I know it will be appreciated.



Lovey said...

Oh so beautiful! I love it and the Scripture...always! Thanks Terri and I'm glad you got the book. I'm sorry about the marker I used on the cover...didn't write the way I expected and I was at the Post Office already. But my heart was right...smiles. Also I have added 4 more pages to the book, so if you'd like to order a copy you will see that change along with some tweaks to minor mistakes I saw. You get the digital download right away...just FYI! Hugs to you and I'm so glad to have met you this way...Blessings Sweet Terri!

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