Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New York City ~ Lady Liberty

Last Friday I jumped on the train to New York City on a whim to see two beautiful lady's.....
My daughter Jaci and Lady Liberty.
I was pleasantly surprised to find out Jaci's friend Brian was going to meet us at Bryant Park and join us on the Circle Line Twilight Cruise.

I know ~ very touristy ~ but I LOVE taking the Circle Line around the city.
You depart from the 42nd Street dock on the Hudson River and circle around the Island to the East River.

I get as excited as a school kid at the Domino Sugar sign.
It always reminds me of the one on Baltimore Harbor I loved when I was a kid.

Love this too ~ these factory's are long gone but thankfully the signs are there for good!

Brian and Jaci ~ just about as cute as they can be.

There she is ~ the other Lady that I love. Look at the red,white and blue sky ~

 and the beautiful New York City Skyline.

We decided to walk the 30 some blocks to a Tapas Restaurant Brian wanted to bring us and we saw this along the way ~ the horse and carriage from Central Park being put away for the night.
Their stalls are on the second story ~ they walk up a ramp to get there.

The High Line ~ just an awesome thing to do in the city.
They turned the old raised (one and two story's high) railroad track into a walking path lined with plantings and sitting areas.
We walked on this until we got to 10th Street where the restaurant was.

 Tia Pol ~ Tapas food and some of the Best I have ever had!

The restaurant used to be a bakery at the turn of the century ~ these heavy steel doors kept the danger of fire spreading to the next building at bay.
The bakery kept their ovens burning 24 hours a day to keep up with the demand.

 Just a drive by through Times Square on my cab ride back to Grand Central Station.

I rolled in to Naugatuck about 2:30 am to Frank snoring away.

I'm glad he understands my spontaneous whims and knows I can take care of myself!
Teddi was waiting up for me though!

New York City

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